I love to Dance, therefore I Listen!
The Cosmos is always playing Divine Sounds. These are the same sounds that you can hear when you Tune In, and find your Higher Self.
One Frequency.
I listen and ‘ I hear the Sound leading me on ‘!
And I dance. I am.
It’s a metaphysical dance.
 If I’m not dancing I’m doing research, documenting and curating Stuff about the Whole, randomly with a touch of sarcasm.
It’s a great way to convert my experiences to the highest advantage of others.
Cultivating  Peace (of mind),  seeing the Beauty everywhere,  by shifting the perception from fear to love. (all wars have a personal/individual dimension and all nations are collectives of individuals)
Still. Standing grateful on the shoulders of giants, I find it easier to think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. From this point of view it seems like:
‘ Man did not weave the web of life-he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself ‘.
You see, you or me, We are affecting the Collective Consciousness with every thought, every word, every action. The Energy that flows thru us and links us to all forms of life, is the same one that flows and creates mountains, governs the waters and the movement of the sky.
This Energy flow connects everything.
Frequencies, Vibrations and Sounds.
So I Listen.
 More I Listen, more it seems as though we are instruments playing our part in the Vast Sound of the Cosmos!
I play my part.
I call it The Great Work. Journey from the Head to the Heart.
You may know it as Know Thyself or Embracing the Divine Within.
Inner Tuning
It’s an adventure story, a deep relaxation story!



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Love y’all, Gangela